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HealthSteps Winter 2013 Sprecialty Classes

Friday, January 4th, 2013

HealthSteps is an award-winning health education and prevention program for adults that focuses on the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

HealthSteps offers a wide range of classes with the core membership fee as well as a variety of specialty classes, including:

Gentle Exercise
This class is designed for those with arthritis, recovering from cancer or any other individual who desires to improve range of motion, strength, posture, balance, and coordination.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, 9:15-10:00am
Jan 28 – Feb 28
Location: d’YP Resident Dining Room, 102 Campus Ave, 2nd Floor
Cost: $24

Lose with Me!
A 12-week weight loss session focused on helping you make healthier lifestyle choices. Classes include goal setting, exercise recommendations, nutrition education, and peer support.
Wednesdays, 12-12:30pm Instructors: Jamie Pepin, MS RD
& Jennifer Smith, MS
Session 1: January 9 – March 27
WorkMed Conference Rm Auburn Medical Bldg,
15 Gracelawn Road
Cost: $99

Lose with Me! Part 2
A 6-week follow-up to Lose with Me! focused on helping you make healthier lifestyle choices including receiving additional guidance, maintaining accountability, and receiving peer support. Classes are held every other week.
Tuesdays, 12-12:30pm
Leader: Jennifer Smith, MS
January 15 – March 26
Location: WorkMed Conference Rm Auburn Medical Bldg, 15 Gracelawn Road
Cost: $29

Qigong & T’ai Chi
This class combines a short form of T’ai Chi based on the Sun Style family, which is excellent for health, balance, circulation, and over all well-being.

In this class, you will also visualize and activate Qi, our life force, as over the years we tend to deplete our Qi, which causes us to feel tired, anxious, worried and somewhat sluggish.
Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm
Instructor: Jason Grundstrum-Whitney
January 15 – February 12
Location: Chase Hall, Bates College, Campus Ave
Cost: $40

Specific time slots are available for registration Mon-Fri on the hour for an hour 6am-noon.
Cost: With Core HealthSteps Membership, $20 for the entire winter/spring session

Without Core Membership:
1-hour, 1x/week = $95
or 1-hour, 2x/week = $152

Senior Fitness
This one-hour class is a safe, fun, and effective workout! Included are a warm-up, cardiovascular component, resistance training, balance, and flexibility exercises.
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays,
9:15-10:15am or 10:30-11:30am
Jan 21 – Feb 22
Location: d’YP Resident Dining Room, 102 Campus Ave, 2nd Floor
Cost: $32

Specific time slots available for registration Mon-Fri 6am-10am.
Cost: With Core Membership, $20 for the entire winter/spring session

Without Core Membership, $144

Tobacco Cessation Counseling
Single Session: $45
This is a great option for a self-motivated person who simply needs the resources to stop smoking.
Multi-Session (3): $125
With a smoking cessation coach, set a quit date and work through the quitting process. Many find the additional support to be a great advantage to their stopping the use of tobacco.

Yoga for Flow Series
Mixed-level flow class that is open to new and experienced students. This class is an excellent way to have fun while improving your overall health, well-being, strength, flexibility, and posture. You will learn a range of exercises and yoga poses that will help to relieve muscle tension, stress, and aches and pains. Look and feel your best!
Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm
Jan 7 – Feb 11
Location: Lepage Large Conference Room, 99 Campus Avenue, Lewiston*
Cost: $75
*Room Changes: 1/28 – Bank of America Room, Women’s Health Pavilion

HealthSteps is part of the Prevention & Wellness Services offered through St. Mary’s Health System.

Call today and start your way to a new healthy lifestyle in which you will feel better, have more energy, meet great people, and enjoy exercise even more! For more information or to register, call HealthSteps at 777-8898 or visit them on the web at: Registration for all programs is required.

The February 2012 Online Wellness Center Page is Now Available!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Heart Health

It’s good to follow your heart. Follow it to the grocery store to buy low saturated fat foods and extra fruits and vegetables. Follow it to the gym or on a long, brisk, walk around the neighborhood. Follow it to your doctor’s office to have it listened to on a regular basis. Follow it in pursuit of a hobby that makes you happy. Follow it to a laugh-filled movie. Follow it to spend time with those you love. All are the keys to a healthy heart.

How Much Control Do You Have Over Your Life?

People who feel they have little control over what happens to them have low expectations in life. They are also more frustrated, stressed, and prone to heart attack. People who take control over their life are more resistant to stress and live healthier, more fulfilled lives. Learn how to be the latter.

Dietary Fiber – So Good For Your Heart

Dietary fiber protects your heart, normalizes blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol. Here are some practical tips for getting more fiber into your daily diet.

Take 10 Here and There – Short Brisk Walks Help Heart Health, Fitness, and Mood

The thought of doing 30 minutes of exercise a day can be daunting. This is most true for people who aren’t very active. But researchers have found that three 10-minute sessions of brisk exercise per day can have the same effect on your health as one 30-minute session. Got 10 minutes?

Gum Disease and Heart Disease:
The Link

Many people are aware of the common risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or uncontrolled diabetes. But few people are aware that gum disease could also be harmful to the heart. Knowing how and how often to brush and floss are vital to good gum health. So is seeing a dentist regularly. Learn how it all leads to a healthier heart.

Fitness & Exercise

For some people, exercise is a lonely venture. For others it’s fun and rejuvenating. But for everyone, it’s vital for good health. If you’re not very active, think about what you might like to do. Is it walking? Dancing? Gardening? Shopping? There’s a way to do almost anything more actively. Do jumping jacks during TV commercials. Power-walk through the mall. Go on. Start now.

Energize Your Exercise…With a Snack

Ready to exercise? Eat something first. You’ll have more energy and be able to exercise harder and ultimately burn more calories. A pre-exercise snack has other important functions too. Read more. 

How to Remove Barriers to Exercise 

How can you make physical activity a part of your daily life? It might help to first identify what’s stopping you. Are you too tired? Afraid of getting hurt? Is it the weather? Whatever the barrier is, there are ways to remove it.

Do You Need Exercise Equipment

Before plunking down hard-earned dollars for home exercise equipment, ask yourself: What kind of physical activity do I enjoy? What motivates me to exercise? Will it be more convenient to work out at home? What type of equipment is best? (The answer to that one is easy: The kind you’re really going to use!) Choose carefully.

Your First Fun Run, Bike-a-thon, or Group Walk

Thinking about doing a 5K fun run? That’s a long way. How do you prepare? Millions of first-timers take on this type of adventure each year. Millions more never get around to doing it. The limiting factor usually isn’t their ability or endurance. It’s that they don’t know how to get started.

Take the Monthly Health Challenge™

Sit Less, Move More

If you’re a high-energy person who doesn’t like to sit still, you know about being active. But what if your natural tendency is to take up your spot as a couch potato at home? Or if you stay glued to your chair at the office? To combat the downside of sitting, you’ve got to find ways to be more active. When you make the effort, you’ll burn more calories, feel healthier, and add years to your life.