St. Mary’s Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT)



St. Mary’s Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT) held an equipment display and demonstration on Tuesday, May 17. HERT is a team trained to respond to hospital based emergencies including decontamination, evacuation, medical surge, communication, and more. The team is outfitted with specialized equipment designed to protect patients, staff, and the hospital. The equipment was put on display to give staff the opportunity to view the available resources and learn how it is used during an emergency. Team members were given the chance to test the equipment and show others how it is used.  This event was a great learning opportunity for staff to better understand St. Mary’s HERT team and how to get involved.  Please contact the Safety Department at 753-4869 for more information.

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2 Responses to “St. Mary’s Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT)”

  1. Tim Evensen says:

    Hello, Im from a 130 bed hospital in Washington state, and we are trying to start a HERT team here. I was hoping to get in touch with someone that can share info with us on ploicy and procedures for your team as well as basics on how your team works.

  2. Sue says:

    You may contact Kevin Oliveira, Manager of Safety and Health at 207-753-4869.

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