So What’s All This “ in2gr8” Stuff?

Glad we caught your attention. Here’s the low-down:   INTEGRATE!

In the coming months we will invite departments and divisions to think about what you would like to integrate more fully into the life of our health system. 

St. Mary’s Health System, similar to many other Catholic health systems, includes “Mission Effectiveness” as one aspect of its leadership and institutional identity.   It is a response to a call for faithfulness and commitment to the history and tradition of Catholic healthcare ministry. 

Recently we conducted mission assessment and one indicator was how well “mission plays…an integral role in all aspects of organizational life.”  In order to better reflect this idea, we decided to change the name Mission Effectiveness to Mission Integration

When the Mission Advisory Committee met for its annual retreat we discussed the implication of this name change.  We reflected on the origin of the word-integritas-meaning wholeness, completeness and having firm principles.  In other words, integrity means choosing to value and act in accordance with your mission and to be integrated means to encompass a wholistic approach. 

This is especially relevant for a Catholic health system, as a sense of wholeness is intricately tied to health and healing.  In fact, in the pastoral letter of the American Catholic Bishops on Health and Health Care, the bishops wrote:

Health in the biblical perspective means wholeness-not only physical, but also spiritual and psychological wholeness; not only individual, but also social and institutional wholeness.  Jesus was the Divine Healer who came to restore this health…he came to bring the fullness of life. 

As we initiate this change, you are invited to “Integrate Excellence” (one of our core values), by nominating a colleague for the Marguerite d’Youville Awards to honor people who live the mission in distinguished ways (forms available on e-bits and Tidbits.)

Are you ready to in2gr8? 

Elizabeth Keene, VP
Mission Integration

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  1. Cathie Whitcroft says:

    I’ve also been thinking about a slightly different reference to our committment to excellence…we’re “into great”!

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