New Tuft Medical Students Arrive at St. Mary’s

Hi! My name is Jon Pelletier, and I’m from Falmouth, Maine. I’m one of the new Tufts LIC students here at St. Mary’s Regional Medical hospital, along with Deb Witkin. We’re the next class following Tyler and Abi.

We’re just moving in, and between all my reading assignments and the beautiful summer weather, it seems like half my life is still in boxes or scattered across my office floor. But I’m so happy to be here! Third year is the time when we make the transition between classroom-based learning and the experiential learning of being in the hospital, and the latter is much more enjoyable. It’s a bit of a strange time, because at this point I still feel like a patient does when inside St. Mary’s: I get lost in the hallways, I can’t find the bathroom, and I have no idea what a “code purple” is. But, aside from the (hopefully) normal adjustment to new surroundings, it has already been a great joy to participate in your care.

I hope to see you around St. Mary’s! I look forward to meeting you, and I’m happy to try and help you in any way I can… just don’t ask me for directions for another month or so.

Jon Pelletier

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