A School-Based Health Success Story

By: Kim Foster, Administrative Secretary

A teacher approached me and asked if I could help a student who had a pair of broken glasses.  I told the teacher I would assist in any way I could.   I met with the student to enroll them in the Health Center. Once enrolled, I scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor only to find out that this student only has MaineCare for emergency services. This started a whole process of me trying to find someone to donate glasses, as well as an eye exam. I was determined to get help. After making numerous phone calls I found an organization (Mile Stone Foundation) who was willing to donate a voucher for glasses at Lens Crafters in Portland. Then, my search continued to find an optometrist who would be willing to perform an eye exam for free. Dr. John Lonsdale (Central Maine Eye Care) graciously agreed!  With assistance from the school principal, we were able to arrange the student’s transportation to Portland for glasses.  The school allowed us to borrow their van and a school staff member agreed to drive!  So, after about 3 weeks worth of phone calls, scheduling, and collaborating, this student now has a new pair of eye glasses!

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  1. john libby says:

    What seemed like a simple thing was far from simple. I watched Kim jump through hoops that would have stopped most people to get this done for this student. We are very proud of her here at the health center!

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